AQIC – Quebec Cannabis Industry Association

Sponsor of the Canadian Cannabis Conference

With over 90 members, the Quebec Cannabis Industry Association (AQIC) is committed to working with government and stakeholders to advance the Quebec cannabis industry to its full potential and encourage innovation through science and technology. The AQIC provides a space to share information and reflect upon common challenges and opportunities. The Association was founded in 2019, on the principle that we can accomplish more together. And by working together as one voice, we can advance our common goals of raising the bar on a safe and sustainable industry in Quebec

The AQIC also plays an educational role by educating the general public about cannabis consumption. We also monitor and analyze current policies, advocate for changes in the cannabis legislation and provide recommendations to provincial and federal government officials.


To represent the Quebec cannabis industry and contribute in a constructive and responsible manner to its development.


To establish itself as a key player in the Quebec cannabis ecosystem. To be recognized by the members of the association as well as by the stakeholders of the industry as a credible and constructive interlocutor with the capacity to respond to the strategic needs of the industry.


Integrity, synergy, commitment

Activities and priority issues

  • Meetings with elected officials and political staff of the Quebec government.
  • Building relationships with stakeholders.
  • Positioning and communication on important issues (e.g. brief submitted on P.L. 2).
  • Representation at key events and trade shows (Expo Cannabis Montréal, Les Affaires, etc.)
  • Economic impact study of the Quebec cannabis market.
  • Legal analysis of the Quebec regulatory framework.
  • Organization of a round table with other industry players (pharma, edibles).