Terry Roycroft

SpecialityPresident and CEO at Seven Points Clinics. Founder of MCRCI

Pioneering the standard of the current Canadian cannabis clinic models in practice, Terry Roycroft set out in 2010 to build the structure, in support of qualified patients needing access and guidance to medicinal cannabis, with the Medicinal Cannabis Resource Center (MCRCI). With his knowledge and experience in the medicinal cannabis industry, Mr. Roycroft soon became one of the top consultants in the country for Canadian medical marijuana industries: with features in news and press publications in The Vancouver Sun and BC Business Magazine, as well as delivering global cannabis education, in research epicenters such as Australia and Berlin, and across Canada.Currently Terry Roycroft offers his industry expertise as CEO of Croft Consulting and President of Seven Points Medical Clinic, continuing his commitment to cultivating a higher standard in patient care and education in access to medical Cannabis.

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