Dr. Jennifer Anderson MD, CCFP

SpecialityFamily physician specializing in cannabinoids

World leader in creating a collaborative approach to incorporating cannabinoids into patients care plans from pediatrics to geriatrics, from the PICU to the care home, from the school to the community.

In fall 2016 my son was seizing 3-4x/hr. He had failed all options and had trouble leaving hospital. At that point as a last resort I tried CBD without any support from the medical community. It was almost impossible for me to find a doctor to help. After much blood, sweat and tears I did however and Since then he has been thriving. He had been in hospital 90% of the time with chronic lung disease from aspirations/seizures and now we have celebrated more than 6 yrs with no hospital visits for seizures.
Since 2017 I have been working with patients of all ages who have failed all options and giving them the chance to explore cannabinoids. The results have been amazing. I now work to advocate, educate and advise on cannabinoids to patients, colleagues and industry. I enjoy working with LPs advising to help develop products we need for kids. I have developed a very large pediatric collaborative referral based cannabis practice.
I’ve helped to develop a system allowing kids to use cannabis at school just like any other medicine. I have spoken to educators, politicians here and internationally to help reduce the stigma of kids using cannabis as medicine.
I’ve also developed a consult based collaborative approach for all my families to integrate cannabis medicine into their care plan in the community, home and hospital.

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by Dr. Jennifer Anderson MD, CCFP