Karine Thibault (SQDPI)

SpecialityGeneral Manager, Interplantes Strategic Advisor - Ecomaterials Sector, MRC des Sources Collaborator, Société québécoise de développement des plantes industrielles

She holds a post-graduate diploma in environmental management from the Université de Sherbrooke, and has some twenty years’ experience in project management and development. Karine’s vision of development is based on multi-stakeholder collaboration and innovation. Her leadership, optimism and quick-wittedness are the assets she brings to bear in linking economic development, emerging eco-materials sectors and circular economy strategies in her actions.

She works across the entire value chain of the ecomaterials industry, with a particular focus on biobased materials, from agriculture to industrial manufacturing. In addition to her position as strategic advisor to the MRC des Sources, she has recently taken on the role of managing director of the new Interplantes organization, created to represent the Quebec industrial plant sector, with several collaborators including the Société québécoise de développement des plantes industrielles (SQDPI).

She acted as founder of the Synergie Estrie project, which has been deployed throughout the Estrie region since 2018 in the circular economy. She is also in charge of programming and technology watch for a Franco-Quebec event, the Rendez-vous des écomatériaux, in addition to international missions associated with this sector for the MRC des Sources.

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