Nathan Mison

SpecialityFounding Partner at Diplomat Consulting

Nathan Mison is a Founding Partner of Diplomat Consulting. Diplomat is designed around relationship management, strategic thinking and execution through advocacy. Nathan has honed these skills by playing a role in emerging regulatory regimes in the cannabis, psilocybin, lab-grown meat, AI, and blockchain space. Nathan has been a founder of numerous successful initiatives such as Fire & Flower, IRCC, and Porkapalooza.

Prior to Diplomat, Nathan owned Mison & Associates, a full-scale executive counsel and public affairs company. Nathan represented organizations like Northlands, DynaLife, and Alberta Pork during that time.

Nathan has played a leadership role with the BC Chamber of Commerce, Alberta Chambers of Commerce, and is the Co-Chair of committees at the Ontario and Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Alberta and has volunteered his time as the Past President of the Valley Zoo Development Society and is the co-founder of Politics on Tap.

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