Paul McCarthy

SpecialityPresident of the Cannabis Council of Canada

Paul has over 2 decades of experience in the public sector – splitting this time equally as a public servant and as a senior political advisor – giving him an intimate understanding of how government works.

His career has been characterized by policy development through stakeholder engagement on a range of public policy issues, including responsibility for nation-wide consultations on the creation of the first National Housing Strategy (2005). He also has extensive negotiation and agreement management experience, having done so between public entities, Indigenous organizations, and the private and not-for-profit sectors.

In 2010, he was recognized for outstanding public service for managing the British Columbia component of the Infrastructure Stimulus program that saw a total investment of $1.2B to complete 450 projects over a two-year period.

During his time with Veterans Affairs Canada, he led the redesign and enhancement of financial benefits for Canadian Armed Forces veterans, culminating in the Pension for Life. This provided greater financial security for a much larger number of veteran families.

In 2019, he moved into the private sector as Strategic Advisor to the CEO of a Licensed Producer. He subsequently filled roles focused on international market development and corporate policy compliance, as well as heading up the company’s global response to COVID.

Paul currently serves as Vice Chair of Team Rubicon Canada, a veteran-led charitable organization who mobilize responses to natural disasters and humanitarian crises, helping those who have been displaced by these events.

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