Building on the success of the first presentation of the Canadian Conference on Cannabis held last October in Quebec City, the organizers are moving forward with a second edition that will take place on October 7 in the formula of a webinar, result of the ongoing pandemic.

The virtual formula will be adapted in both French and English to promote knowledge sharing and provide maximum user-friendliness for listeners. Participants will have an extended time slot to watch the lectures giving them more freedom in choosing the ideal moment.

Sponsored by a Quebec-based company, PurCann Pharma, the event will bring together an impressive list of experts who will share their latest advances and new uses arising from scientific research on cannabis. Issues surrounding the cannabis market and production will also be addressed.

Participants will be treated to an analysis of the evolution of research on the effects of cannabis on human health, an overview of medical practices that integrate cannabis, as well as a presentation on the potential of edible products.

Renowned speakers will follow one another and attendees will hear from the experts who are shaping the cannabis industry. The complete program of the event, as well as the registration form for this day of discussions, can be found at

PurCann Pharma is positioning itself to become a leader in the extraction and purification of molecules from hemp and cannabis. The company believes that recreational use of cannabis will be supplanted in the very short future by medical cannabis products.

This is why the company is focusing its efforts on various cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, but also on those with beneficial effects on stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia and certain skin conditions. PurCann Pharma’s objective is to obtain pure, high-quality extracts free from pesticides and other unwanted molecules. It is with this in mind that the company inaugurated in early 2020 a brand-new factory in Quebec City to achieve these goals.